SCP-1 Traffic Door

Strikingly Classic Appeal

SCP-1 traffic doors are installed in kitchens, restaurants, banquet halls, cafeterias, hospitals and hotels around the world. These very attractive traffic doors offer the classic look and durability associated with stainless steel. They are constructed of a 3/4” sustainable, moisture resistant composite wood core and clad on both sides with tempered aluminum alloy and 48” high stainless steel base plates. Standard scratch-resistant 9” x 14” acrylic vision panels are set in black rubber molding. These doors operate on the Easy Swing Hinge® System pioneered by Eliason more than fifty years ago, and still the smoothest operating and most reliable hinge system on the market today. Custom windows, impact plates, easy spring bumpers and other options are available.


  • Core: Moisture resistant composite wood core
  • Door Classification: Traffic door
  • Door Design: The door body is constructed of a 3/4" sustainable, moisture resistant composite wood core and clad full height on both sides with aluminum alloy and 48" high base plates
  • Face Sheet Colors: Aluminum
  • Face Sheet Material: Tempered aluminum alloy with satin anodized finish (both sides - top panel), 48" high stainless steel base plates (both sides)


  • Base Plate: 48" high stainless steel (both sides)
  • Core: .75" thick sustainable, moisture resistant, composite wood core
  • Door Thickness: 1"
  • Finish: Top panel - .032" thick tempered aluminum alloy with satin anodized finish (both sides)
  • Hinge: Eliason Easy Swing® Hinge System
  • Window: Standard 9" x 14" clear acrylic set in black rubber molding

Designs and Colors



Top Pod
SCP Top Pod
Lower Hinge
SCP Lower Hinge
Upper Hinge
SCP Upper Hinge
Hinge Cover
SCP Hinge Cover Kit
Hinge Roller
Roller Assembly
Jamb Guard
Jamb Guard
Notched Bottom Leaf
SCP Notched Leaf

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