About Curtron

Our Story

Founded in 1972 with the intent to manufacture energy control products for the food service industry, Curtron has continued to develop new products and is now the national leader in Strip Doors, Air Doors, Rack Covers, Flexible Swinging Doors, Screens, Divider Curtains, and Cold Storage Replacement Doors.

In an effort to strengthen market dominance and combine forces, Curtron was purchased by Chase TMI (a premier provider of PVC material for a large cross section of industries) in October of 1999.

On May 1st, 2017 Curtron became part of the Senneca Holdings family of products, creating the largest assembly of companies dedicated to serving C-Stores, Restaurants, and Grocery Stores across the US and around the world.

While things have changed over time, Curtron continues to serve the restaurant industry with pride and passion. We strive to continue to bring innovative products to market and to treat our customers with the highest level of care.

Curtron Product Warranty

Curtron expressly warrants that its products are free of defects in material and workmanship. We will replace (exclusive of freight and labor) any parts proven to be defective within a period of two years from date of shipment to the purchaser.

Contact Curtron Corporation for authority to return the defective part. The new replacement will be invoiced and shipped from the Curtron plant as soon as possible. Upon return of the defective part, appropriate credit will be issued.

Green Statement

As “green” becomes increasingly important to our world, Curtron is committed to continually finding new ways to be environmentally-friendly by providing a safe and healthful work place, protecting the environment, and conserving energy and natural resources. It has always been our philosophy to develop products that are sustainable, re-usable, and consume as little material as possible in order to minimize waste and environmental impact. Before the term “green” was in use, Curtron engineers were adamant on producing quality products friendly to the environment.