Curtron M-Series Strip Doors

Curtron's complete line of M-Series Strip Doors are produced and stocked in complete door kits. The most common sizes are available for Quick-Ship (within 24 hours). Each M-Series Strip Door kit includes PVC strips and universal mount hardware, conveniently shipped in one box.

All M-Series strip doors have replacement parts available. Should you need to order replacement parts, contact your Curtron sales representative.

M-Series Replacement Bar

To order a replacement bar, contact your Curtron sales representative with your replacement bar size and a bar will be processed and shipped to you.

M-Series Replacement Brackets

Replacement brackets are also available for all M-Series doors. Simply contact your Curtron representative and request the necessary number of brackets needed.

M-Series Replacement Strips

It is recommended that a complete set of strips be ordered for M-Series strip doors. Strips are available in standard, low temperature or polar-reinforced. Your Curtron sales representative will gladly assist you with obtaining the proper replacement material for your door.


M-Series Strip Doors are available in 6" and 8" wide PVC strip material in both USDA Polar and Standard grades.


The USDA Polar grade has nylon reinforcements embedded in the strips, and is recommended for freezer applications to as low as -20° F. Each M-Series strip has a heat-sealed loop at the top, which slides onto the aluminum mounting bar. This design alleviates stress at the point of contact with traffic, and allows the strips to be rotated or replaced easily.

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