Curtron Insulated Rack Covers

Curtron offers insulated rack covers that include a layer of insulating material pressed between two durable layers of fabric. The insulated covers are ideal for keeping food cold and/or heated. Insulated rack covers from Curtron can come with zippers, hook and loop fasteners and pockets for product labeling. The insulated covers offer an R Value from 2.20 – 2.50. These rack covers can transfer an open rack into an inexpensive "closed cabinet" that provides the necessary insulation for hot and cold foods.


  • Transforms an open rack into an inexpensive "Closed Cabinet"
  • Prevents skin burns from hot exterior metal surfaces


Durable 3 layer heat resistant material

  • 24 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric outside
  • .55" thick Thinsulate® inside
  • 100% Cotton, Indura flame resistant fabric liner

Designs and Colors

Brittany Blue - WilsonArt D321-60
Brittany Blue - WilsonArt D321-60

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