Curtron Drive-Through Air Curtain

Introducing the ideal air curtain for drive-thru windows from Curtron Products. The Drive-Through air door protects drive-through attendants from inclement weather, flying insects, and harmful carbon monoxide fumes from car exhaust. The constant stream of air lowers energy costs by preventing heated or conditioned air from escaping through the often-open drive-thru window.

Our Drive-Through air curtains offer a convenient and practical way to increase drive-thru windows’ energy efficiency. Plus, as hearing customer orders is vital to any successful pick-up window, the Drive-Through air curtain is extremely quiet, even when running at its highest setting. The unit is a 24” wide unit perfect for indoor use on drive-thru windows at restaurants, pharmacies, or any other facility with a service window.


  • Adjustable air discharge by +/- 20°
  • Extremely quiet operation - you won’t notice it’s on!
  • Easy installation: only 4 lag screws required
  • Available with or without electric heat


  • Heavy duty stainless steel housing
  • Aluminum blower wheels
  • 120V, single-phase, plug-in unit

Designs and Colors

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

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