Curtron Coolkeeper Oven Curtains

Curtron’s exclusive Coolkeeper® oven curtain is ideal for pizza ovens and other kitchen ovens within restaurants and food service facilities. Coolkeeper® curtains consist of clear PVC strips that install on the hood of the oven to create a thermal barrier that surrounds the oven to keep heat in place. By keeping the heat contained within the oven area, less energy is required to keep the oven at a consistent temperature and the exhaust fan can operate at a lower speed without losing any effectiveness. The result? - A more comfortable working environment and lower utility bills.

Coolkeeper® oven curtains help improve employee and customer comfort by keeping the oven heat and smoke isolated within the oven. Besides the kitchen, temperatures are more desirable and easy to control throughout the restaurant.


“No-tear” eyelet designs at the top of the PVC keep the vinyl from ripping and/or tearing. Weighted bottoms keep the strips hanging straight and Velcro enables the strips to be removed in cooler environments when the heat from the oven provides beneficial heat to the rest of the restaurant.


Coolkeeper® oven curtains use .020” think clear, UV stabilized and fire retardant PVC strips.

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